Fined for resisting arrest, but no assault charges

An Amble man admitted two counts of resisting arrest, but a court heard that he was ‘shocked and concussed’ after being hit with a dog lead.

John Greig, 34, of Saint Lawrence Avenue, was due to stand trial this week after pleading not guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer, following an incident last September.

Further charges of assaulting Derwick Ramsay and producing two cannabis plants had already been discontinued.

Greig admitted resisting arrest before magistrates at Bedlington on Monday and the prosecution offered no evidence in relation to the assaults on the two officers.

James Long, prosecuting, described how Greig started punching the back of the seat in the police vehicle before throwing punches as the officers tried to restrain him.

He was only controlled when one of the officers sprayed him in the face with CS gas.

But magistrates heard claims that the charge of assault on Mr Ramsay could easily have been the other way round.

Greig’s solicitor explained how the accused was walking home after a drink when Mr Ramsay, who was described as well-known to the courts and the police in Amble, assaulted Greig with a dog lead ‘out of the blue’.

This led to an altercation, but Mr Ramsay was the one who went up to the police station first.

Referring to Greig resisting arrest, he added: “He was shocked at the time and doesn’t remember what he did.

“He was concussed, he was shocked and he reacted badly to the situation.

“He should have gone with the police, but he thought he was the injured party here.”

He also explained that he discussed the assault charge with the prosecution, leading to it being discontinued, after Mr Ramsay was charged with wounding with intent during an alleged attack with a hammer.

For the two counts of resisting arrest, Greig was fined £200 and ordered to pay £40 court costs and a £20 victim surcharge.