Appeal on licence revocation withdrawn

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An appeal against the DVLA, after a driving licence was revoked, has been withdrawn.

A case at Mid and South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court, last week, heard that Valerie Dexter, of Eglingham, made a case against the DVLA after her licence was taken away following information sent to the licensing authority by police, without her consent.

Representing her at the court, barrister Tim Spain said: “This issue is in relation to reports made a long time ago in a serious assault suffered by Mrs Dexter which is the subject of ongoing proceedings.

“That led to her having assessments by doctors and specialists.

“Aspects of her personality and behaviour were assessed and throughout all this time when she had contact with medical professionals and her GP nobody thought it was necessary or appropriate to contact the DVLA.”

However magistrates heard that another appeal case took place at the crown court and it was during this time that a police officer notified the DVLA about Mrs Dexter, using medical records from the unrelated assault case.

Mr Spain said: “It has been confirmed by the Treasury solicitor that the contents of the file were misrepresented.

“It is in that context that people were asking for and providing information without her consent and these documents would have needed her consent.”

However it was heard that Mrs Dexter gave the DVLA qualified consent to her records and sent a letter from her GP which said she was fit to drive.

An agreement was made between Mr Spain and Mr Croally, from the DVLA, to address the matter out of court.

Mr Croally said: “Inquiries will be made and the DVLA will then decide whether the licence should be reinstated or not.”

And he added that there would be no request for costs in bringing the case to court because of the agreement.