Craster WI, February meeting

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Craster WI held our annual dinner in the Horseshoes at Rennington.

The weather was kind on the night, as previous years have proved wet or windy, frosty or snow.

Menus had been selected before and there was a lovely atmosphere of expectations and warm welcome from Louise and Mark.

As there were seven birthday girls in February, Heather kindly bought and delivered the flowers to each one.

The secretary quickly read the information from Cresswell House.

Three members were invited to Beadnell WI quiz night. The three drawn were Pat Jones, Marion Gallon and Joyce Shaw.

Louise judged the competition which was for an article beginning with the letter U, 1 Doris Clarke; 2 Fiona Craster; 3 Shirley Tucker.

Joyce Shaw gave a very warm vote of thanks to Louise and Mark for making our girls’ night out such a success.