Craster WI, February meeting

WARM WELCOME: Craster WI found a very good cure for the winter blues after such a long spell of cold weather, dinner at the Horseshoes in Rennington.

We were greeted on a cold, wet and windy evening by a roaring fire in the bar and given our usual warm welcome by Louise and Mark.

WI business was kept to a minimum, ending with the announcement of the overall winners of the competitions we had held over the year. Trish Flegg was first, Sybil Dawson second and Vivienne Lowerson third. Many congratulations to them and to all our members who have taken part in the monthly competitions.

Trish continued her winning streak with the evening’s raffle, the prize, a bottle of wine kindly donated by Mark and Louise. Mamie Soden-Bird won the second prize, an attractive towel set.

We were reminded of the Spring Council Meeting, being held in Hexham. Our Craster WI banner, of which we are so proud, is to be displayed.

Business and notices completed, we then enjoyed a delicious meal accompanied by the happy hum of cheerful conversation. Our president, Sylvia Biott, on behalf of our members, thanked Mark and Louise for their kind hospitality and excellent food.

We left the warmth of the Hoseshoes rather reluctantly to set out once more into the cold and wet to wind our way homeward having had a very enjoyable time together.