Councillor slams ‘grotty’ caravan

COMPLAINTS have been made about a ‘grotty’ caravan left at a village entrance.

Rothbury councillor Steven Bridgett contacted the Gazette about the van, which has been left by a junction on the outskirts of the village.

“It is a grotty, green, mouldy old caravan and it has just been dumped,” he said.

“It looks absolutely terrible. It is a disgrace.”

The mobile home has been left on land opposite the Whitton View housing development on the B6341.

Coun Bridgett added that land at that entrance to the village has been ‘turned into a mini farm’ with chickens and pigs living on it.

“The smell when it was hot was atrocious and not what you want to smell coming into a village,” he said.

“However we live in the countryside so I’m prepared to accept that so I do not really have an issue, despite receiving a number of complaints.”

But he added that he and the residents of Rothbury were not prepared to accept the caravan on the land.

It is thought that Northumberland County Council is the landowner and Coun Bridgett has contacted officers about the problem.

However he has also heard that permission has been given for the caravan to stay.

A county council spokeswoman said: “The local enforcement officer has not been notified about the caravan, but will be contacting Coun Bridgett and looking into the matter further.”