Council planning notices

Latest planning applications.
Latest planning applications.

Alnwick: Neil Leonard, Hampden House, Belvedere Terrace, change of use to three holiday apartments; Bob Baker, Folly Dyke, single-storey kitchen extension.

Bamburgh: Mr & Mrs S Marshall-Forsyth, 5 Mizen Court, garden-room extension; Mr and Mrs Brian Pulley, Cheviot House, Glororum, garden-room extension.

Beadnell: Robert Thompson, 138 Harbour Road, one three-bedroom detached dwelling with garages.

Chathill: James Johnson, Rosebrough Farm Cottages, demolition and replacement of two new cottages.

Felton: Stephen Hall, Felton Park Lodge, variety of works.

Newton on the Moor: Thomas Barnett, Field House, single-storey detached dwelling, single storey-detached garage/scooter store and off-street parking.

Powburn: Pete Hornsby, Ayton Law House, garden-room extension.

Seahouses: David Donaldson, land south-west of Farne Court, St Aidan’s, change of use from garage to dwelling for use of carer; George McKay, 19 King Street, single-storey extension linking with another two-storey extension.

Warkworth: David Huntington, garage east of URC, The Butts, retrospective – demolition/rebuild of garage in connection with flood defence works; Geoffrey Litterick, 2 Greens Park, replacement of wooden windows.