Council planning notices

Alnmouth: Mr and Mrs W Arnold, Alnmouth Methodist Church, variation of conditions 2, 4, 6 and 7 relating to application 12/02707/FUL.

Alnwick: Paul Dawson, stables north-east of Heckley House, conversion of stables to provide living accommodation.

Belford: Robert Jackson, land west of Dunnings Wood, South Road, Hedgerow Removal Notice: Due to problems with the field drainage system and, consequently, flooding adjacent and nearby land.

Chathill: Rob Wealleans, land north-east of Chathill Station, six affordable homes with garden and parking provision.

Rothbury: Peter Cameron, Fern Cottage, Back Crofts, proposed entrance porch to existing annexed accommodation.

Waren Mill: Mr and Mrs Laverack, land north of Waren House Hotel, construction of a private ecclesiastical building; Maurice Birkett, land south of The Shire, proposed steel portal frame agricultural implement and crop store.