Community order for fly-tipping in county

A Scottish man has been giving a community order for fly-tipping in the county.

Daniel Neillands, 28, of Kilmarnock, admitted dumping house-clearance waste at six sites in Northumberland.

Berwick Magistrates Court heard on Tuesday that Neillands had been contracted to clear a property in Spittal and given £150 to take the waste to a registered site.

But instead of taking it to the site, Neillands decided to dump the waste and pocket the money.

The court heard that he left piles of furniture and household waste at Spittal Coast Road, two areas off the A698 at Shoreswood and three places off the B6470 at Norham.

Defending, Ian O’Rourke said Neillands dumped the waste because he thought the £150 would pay for his family’s shopping at Asda.

He told the court that Neillands’ partner was ill and he was her carer as well as looking after his children.

Neillands was given a 12-month community order to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

He was also ordered to pay £260 compensation and £360 costs and charges.