Comedy to leave you happy and sweaty

Lucy Porter. Picture by Steve Ullathorne.
Lucy Porter. Picture by Steve Ullathorne.
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Coming back to Alnwick after her first appearance at the Playhouse in 2009, Lucy Porter is sure to get the audience going.

Touring the UK until mid-December, Lucy brings her new show, Northern Soul, to town on Thursday, November 28.

Having had two children since her last appearance, Lucy Porter is a different woman to last time out and her show is about never quite knowing where you belong.

Born in Croydon to a Northern Irish dad and a Midlander mum (who met in Africa), Lucy never felt comfortable as a South London suburbanite.

In her teenage years she was seduced by the music of Morrissey, the art of David Hockney and the politics of Dennis Skinner.

Lucy moved to Manchester and then Liverpool. As much as she loved her time there, she didn’t find the sense of completion she’d yearned for. Stand-up comedy has allowed Lucy to travel the world and she’s acquired a taste for the exotic (she even married a Welshman), but she’s still – like the Littlest Hobo – waiting to find a place to settle down.

Currently living in London, Lucy still finds that her internal compass points north, but now she suspects it might be a symptom of the profound, insatiable longing that CS Lewis describes as The Northernness.

She said: “The show has universal resonance with people, people say to me that they have always wanted to do something.

“The point of the show is that you can never get away from where you came from.”

She admits that since having children she has become a bit more of a storyteller ‘with lots of jokes’.

She added: “I’m looking forward to coming back to Alnwick, it’s such a beautiful part of the world, and it’s a night away from my children which is a relief!”

Revealing the best and worst places in the UK to do stand-up, Lucy asks how much we should be defined by our birthplace, and how hard it is to shake off one’s roots.

Like any good Northern Soul night, Lucy’s show should leave you feeling happy and slightly sweaty.

BBC Radio 4 has commissioned a script for a sketch show Lucy is writing with Catherine Shepherd and she is also creating a sitcom with the working title Giant Husband, Tiny Wife’