College gets funny to raise money

Many weeks ago we were given the task of organising and planning a day to raise funds for Comic Relief. As a new student council, only recently formed, this was our first big event. it was a chance to show the school just what we were capable of.

We began by brain-storming. We made posters, talked to staff and contacted the technicians to make sure all our events were captured on camera – it was a large workload.

We decided that we wanted to start the day off with a bang. Our idea was, at the end of the morning’s assembly, we would call five of the teachers to the stage and play a game of egg roulette with a twist. Our favourite mad scientists assisted us in filling the eggs with all sorts of treats, ranging from talcum powder and shower gel to charcoal and a rather foul-smelling gravy.

I apologise to all participants who had to wait until the end of the day to have a shower and remove the debris.

At break almost the whole school crowded into the social areas, eager to sample the delightful cakes made for us by the food department and witness the agony of many of our male pupils and even a few brave staff as they got their legs waxed.

At lunchtime, our final act was a mass version of the popular Harlem Shake videos which have been circulating around the internet. The turnout was good and the support we received from the teachers in helping us with the logistics was amazing.

Fun as the day was, the most fascinating part for me was the morning’s assembly. We got the chance to talk to the whole school before we began the proceedings and from our vantage point on the stage we were able to watch everyone’s reactions to the three carefully selected videos that we showed.

Almost all eyes were fixed on the screen, or at least listening if they couldn’t see over large wigs and head pieces, and that is what I think Comic Relief is all about. They chose to show an interest in other people’s lives and the impact they can make with just a few pounds.

The day was an absolute success and I would like to thank every member of the staff and student body at JCSC who helped us to raise a more than £600 at the high school to help make just a few lives a little bit brighter.

Fay Rochester, Year 11