Civil parking enforcement

Harbour Road, Seahouses
Harbour Road, Seahouses
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Efforts are to be made to solve the issue of parking on a Seahouses street after several residents complained about receiving parking tickets.

Residents of Harbour Road had complained after receiving tickets for parking outside their properties, in some cases on land which they believed was their own property.

The issue had been raised to both parish councillors and ward councillor Pat Scott, but, as explained at last month’s meeting, the road has been adopted and has double yellow lines and therefore the county council’s civil enforcement officers were following the regulations.

At Monday night’s meeting of North Sunderland Parish Council, Coun Scott told members that county council representatives are returning to the village this week to look at a number of different solutions.

However, Coun Scott did warn members that any permanent solution such as a resident-only parking zone would not be an overnight change, as it’s a legal proceedure and would require a full consultation.

The parish council had also received a letter from the county council explaining that there were a number of ways of checking for the property boundaries, including looking at deeds and seeing if any utilities work had been carried out as they have a statutory right on highways.