Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, May meeting

At the May meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Lynda Fraser entertained us with a demonstration, Spellbound.

She introduced her first design by explaining how the ballet Swan Lake left her spellbound.

Using Art Nouveau candelabra, she put in elaegnus with trailing ivy. Around a piece of silver metal wire were placed beech, euonymus and purple lisianthus. She put in cream dendrobium orchids, to represent the swans and lime anthuriums to represent the ballerinas.

She added white lilac, centres of mahonia Charity sprayed silver to represent the cygnets, a silver tree in each candle holder and placed it on a piece of blue sparkly material with a tiny pair of ballet shoes, while music from the ballet was played.

The next design, which represented Strictly Come Dancing, used a square container which had trimmed palm leaves sprayed gold placed as outline foliage at each corner. Copper beech was put on top, gold sprayed curled aspidistra leaves and bergenia leaves with variegated hosta leaves and hellebore leaves at different angles in the centre. Mini bright pink gerberas were added with pink cherry blossom, pink rhododendron buds, two pink and two bright pink anthuriums. This was placed in a hoop which had a glitter ball attached to the top and pink sparkly material draped down the stand.

For the third design, which represented a mysterious forest and a wedding, the rectangular shaped container had a wire tree behind it.

Pieces of hornbeam were placed over the edges at the front, some trailing larch on top, then cupressus and rosemary were used to make a dense forest. Bergenia leaves were added with tall pieces of white lisianthus in front of the tree and out to the front at varying heights.

Anastasia chrysanths were put in among the lisianthus with some hosta leaves. This was placed on a tall metal stand with a green drape and a smaller similar design at the base. Some white fairy lights, a white dove and a white lamp with a ring inside completed the design.

Using a three-legged stand which had gold and red stripes and coloured balls hung from the top, the container was filled with gold palm leaves, curled aspidistra leaves, bergenia leaves, aucuba japonica, cupressus and hellebore leaves.

Two gold fans were placed at one side with variegated eunonymus and red carnations at the back and front. Large yellow chrysanths were added with two red anthuriums. Gold ting and red coloured lights over the design finished it off along with a poster for the circus.

The final design was done on a tall gold metal stand which had gold sparkly material and beads hanging from it.

In the container on the top she placed twisted willow, peacock feathers with silver birch and palm leaves. Tall purple lisianthus were put in through the willow with orange roses in the centre and mini orange gerbera.

Aucuba japonica, small pieces of fatshedera leaves and two anthuriums, one copper the other pink, some gold angel hair and two similar smaller designs which were placed on stands beside the original one represented Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

Pat Younger gave the vote of thanks for a spellbinding evening of entertainment and flowers.

The next meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club is an open night on June 25, at 7.30pm in Whittingham Memorial Institute when David Ryland will present June Junket. Tickets are £6 from Pat Hall 01665 574017

There will be a sales table and raffle.