Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, April meeting

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At the April meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club, Pam Alexander entertained us with her demonstration Crystal Clear.

She used a glass carboy with a container on the top and put curled phormium tenax leaves out over the edge.

On these leaves she placed ruscus and used smaller pieces to fill in over the oasis.

Then she added pieris Forest Flame over the other foliage.

Alstroemeria in a shade of cream and gerberas, also cream, but with dark centres completed the design.

Using a very large red teacup and saucer with white spots and a large container in the top, pieces of pittosporum were placed all over the oasis with one larger piece in the centre.

Red-edged hebe, a variegated foliage and photinia red robin were added, then lemon carnations and dark red Grand Prix roses to make an all over design.

The third design used tall pieces of driftwood which had a container attached half way down.

Some soft ruscus was put in both up and downover with more out to the front.

Around the centre she placed four variegated bergenia leaves, some lisianthus which were cream with a pink edge, through the foliage and a beautiful pink cymbidium orchid in the centre.

A large metal arch which had containers on the base was used for the next design.

Cupressus had been placed towards the back and a lime green Erica around the edges.

Aucuba japonica, elaegnus, variegated ilex and box were added.

A group of purple alliums at varying heights were placed in front of the frame.

Lemon carnations at the base of the design and yellow roses at varying heights completed it.

For the final design she started by putting four pieces of phormium tenax at different angles into a container on an urn, with two more out to the side.

Five fatsia leaves and aspidistra leaves were placed around the top.

Pale green carnations, Anastasia chrysanths and Avalanche roses were all put through the design.

Another design the same as the one she had demonstrated was put beside it.

Anne Gleadall gave the vote of thanks on our behalf for a most entertaining and enjoyable demonstration.

The next meeting of the Cheviot Valleys Flower Club will be on Wednesday, May 28, when Lynda Fraser will demonstrate Spell Bound at Whittingham Memorial Institute at 7.30pm.

Visitors welcome.