Celebrating famed bookstore

Sally Latimer with her poster in Barter Books.
Sally Latimer with her poster in Barter Books.

Alnwick artist Sally Latimer, whose business The Northern Section celebrates Northumberland, has created a new poster for Alnwick’s famous secondhand bookshop, Barter Books.

“Since returning to the North East, Barter Books has become one of my favourite places,” Sally said.

“When you step through its doors you leave behind the whirlwind of modern life and enter a haven of comfort and inspiration.

“I wanted to create a poster which could encapsulate all the things that make Barter Books such a unique place.

Where else can you browse through books by a roaring open fire, have a coffee in the Old Waiting Room and watch a model train gently running above the bookshelves, all within the marvellous interior of a former railway station.”

The poster, which is inspired by vintage railway art, incorporates the colours of old Penguin Classics book covers, along with the red and white of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, which was rediscovered in the bookshop.

The posters are printed in Northumberland and are sold in Barter Books.