Candidates announced for Rothbury parish election

Tony Kell
Tony Kell

Two candidates will be vying for a place on Rothbury Parish Council when an election is held later this month.

Residents called for an election when a vacancy was announced after former chairman Alan Fendley resigned due to ill health at the March monthly meeting.

Debbie Noble, Rothbury Parish Council candidate

Debbie Noble, Rothbury Parish Council candidate

Tony Kell, of Cragside View, and Debbie Noble, of Thrum Mill, are standing for the council with polling day taking place on May 22, which ties in with the European Parliament elections.

Tony has four main issues - local issues, local action, communication and transparency.

He said: “The choice at the parish election is not about national or European politics, but a choice of who can best represent the interests of the people of Rothbury on local issues.

“I believe that greater focus needs to be placed on the local issues which the people of Rothbury regard as important.

“This can only come from improved two-way communication between residents and the council, a starting point for which should be that the council improves its own communication with residents by adopting full transparency.”

Debbie, mum to two boys at Rothbury First School, runs her family farm with husband Graham and the the Turk’s Head pub with another couple.

She said: “I intend to represent the views and wishes of the residents of Rothbury and not a political party. Our village is a beautiful place to live and raise a family and I want to see nothing more than for it to continue to succeed. I will fight to ensure that any new housing developments in Rothbury serve to deliver only the much-needed affordable homes that our residents require. I will push to have funds from those developments invested in our already existing play and recreation facilities such as the upgrade and improvement of the Riverside Play Park.

“I will also fight to ensure that our new bus shelter is erected as quickly as possible as I know this is a priority for many of the elderly residents who use the public transport.”

l Rothbury Parish Council’s annual parish meeting takes place on Wednesday at 7pm in the Jubilee Hall.