Call for popular Alnwick road to be fixed urgently

Potholes on an Alnwick road are to be filled in as a matter of urgency, the Gazette has been told.

Concerned motorists have contacted Alnwick town and county councillor, Gordon Castle, because of the state of the road surface along Victoria Crescent.

Coun Castle has asked Northumberland County Council’s highways team to repair it as soon as possible.

And while the road is on the programme to be fixed, urgent 24-hour pothole repairs are currently taking precedence.

Coun Castle said: “The problem is that the recent rains have caused a number of problems to road surfaces, and the county’s highways team is on permanent 24-hour urgent repairs.

“This means that the programme work falls behind.

“But we are in danger of the programme work now becoming a major issue.

“This is not the only place in Alnwick that is bad, but it is not a minor road, it is one of the major routes into Alnwick and is heavily used by buses, school traffic, people coming to and from the town and more.

“It is getting in a really bad state and it needs repairing.

“I will be continuing to press the issue because, in terms of its use and its condition, it is probably one of the worst roads in Alnwick at the moment.

“I will be asking the highways team again to get the repairs done in the shortest possible time.”

However, he added that the workforce was doing its best to fix roads.

The highways team has said that the road is on the list to be repaired, but also that they will look at it and see if it can be added to the 24-hour repair list.

If you have a pothole to repair you can report it on the county council’s website at

Or you can contact the council on 0845 600 6400.