Call for A1 speed-limit increase

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A campaigner has called for the speed limit for lorries to be raised on the single-carriageway stretches of the A1.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Berwick, is calling on the Secretary of State for Transport to review the proposal for a 50mph speed limit on the A1.

As director of the Dual the A1 campaign, Anne-Marie has seen firsthand how the continuing speed restrictions of 40mph on the large stretches of this road continue to frustrate drivers. This coupled with the increased emissions from modern lorries, which are designed to work most effectively between 50mph and 60mph, is environmentally damaging.

Anne-Marie has fought for an increase in the speed limit since 2009, however, the speed limit for HGVs on the single-lane areas remains 40mph.

“I am writing to the Department of Transport to ask them to look again at this issue,” she said. “Increasing the speed limit would help our road safety and traffic flows by ensuring that we keep the lorries on the A1, rather than watching them divert onto the A697 to go north into Scotland. That is increasing accident rates and road deterioration on a road which is not designed for HGV traffic.”

“Increasing the speed limit to 50mph will also help the transport industry in its goods movement on this eastern stretch of the country and help boost investment opportunities by making transport to this part of the country more affordable.”

Officials at the Department for Transport are currently preparing work on the feasibility study for A1 dualling north of Newcastle, which is due for review later this month.