Town’s fuel hopes rise

Progress has been made in the search for a new operator for Alnwick’s second petrol station, according to the landowner.

In December, the Gazette reported that the town’s petrol station at Cawledge, which had opened last summer, was to close following weeks without fuel and rumours of the staff being made redundant.

It brought to an end a six-month saga in which the service station, which it had been hoped would provide competition to the existing Co-op-run forecourt, was often without petrol, causing frustration among residents.

At the time, the owner of the site, Northumberland Estates, said that it had begun the legal process to terminate the leases, but unfortunately the site may therefore not be reopened until spring this year.

But a statement from the Estates this week revealed that some progress is being made.

It said: ‘Northumberland Estates appreciates the impact the recent closure has had on the town and opening the site again as quickly as possible is our priority.

‘We hope to conclude the ongoing legal activity regarding the original operator over the next week and are pleased to confirm that we have had positive discussions with established parties.’

And its commercial property manager, Colin Davidson, added: “While a short closure of the site is unavoidable, we hope to progress our discussions with potential new operators over the coming weeks.

“Northumberland Estates shares the desire of residents for a full service to be resumed at the site as quickly as possible.”