Northumberland Livestock

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August 19

At their weekly sale of Primestock John Swan Limited had forward and sold 891 Lambs and 267 Ewes.

Wet weather and talk of the trade on a slide left numbers well back this week. However, the trade held well and polished up dearer than early week markets.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex.x:- £70 Low Middleton, Barmoor Red House, Wandon, Ladykirk (two), £68 West Longridge, £67 Lorbottle, £66 Shipley Smallburn, Black Heddon (two), Ladykirk, Elwick (three), £65.50p West Longridge, Auchencrow Mains. Sfx:- £67 Kettleburn, £66 Wandon, Craigs House, £65 Kettleburn, £63 Brandon White House, Brockley Hall, Kettleburn, Newstead. Mule:- £61 Edlingham Demesne.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 165p Ladykirk, 163.2p Teviotdale, 162.5p (two), 161.1p Yetlington Lane, 161p Shipley Smallburn, 160p, 159.5p Lorbottle, 159p Springhill, Berwick, 156.4p (two) Black Heddon, 155p Wrangham Redsteads. Sfx:- 150p Kettleburn, 144.2p Brockley Hall, 143.2p Kettleburn, 141.9p Brockley Hall, Newstead.

Ewes numbers similar, with trade £1 dearer on the week.

Leading Prices Per Head:- Tex:- £75, £73, £65 Creswell Farms. Sfx:- £75 Great Ryle, West Longridge, £73 Great Ryle, Greenhead R, £67 Shipley Lane. Mule:- £75 Greenhead R, £57 Creswell Farms, Alwinton Farm, Great Ryle, £55 Shipley Lane, Greenhead R. Chm:- £71 South Charlton (two). BF:- £49 Edlingham Demesne.