Mule hoggs put dogs to the test

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THE Northumberland Sheep Dog League held a nursery trial at Whitfield on Saturday.

The 14 dogs were judged by Tony Iley from Longframlington, working difficult and very testing mule hoggs over a flat course.

Results: 1 Allan Clarke, Alnwick, with Nip, 75/100pts; 2 Emma Gray, Elsdon, Len, 74; 3 Scott Smith, Seahouses, Nell, 73; 4 David Baxter, Harbottle, Don, 70; 5 Paul Turnbull, Rothbury, Roy, 68; 6 Colin Balmbro, Wooler, Scott, 66.

The Novice prize went to Jane Wynn, Capheaton, Fly, 64.