Renewable energy is the way forward

Paul Younger, of Five-Quarter Energy. Picture by David Sandison

Paul Younger, of Five-Quarter Energy. Picture by David Sandison

There was some agreement between the two speakers at the Deep Gas Winning meeting in Alnwick in that both supported the use of renewable-energy sources.

Simon Bowens, North East campaigner for Friends of the Earth, talked about the major energy issues facing us and explained that the real solutions were energy efficiency and renewable-energy sources.

Professor Paul Younger, from Five-Quarter, said that he was also a proponent of renewable energy and was inolved in a number of companies in the sector.

However, he pointed out that the gas extracted via Deep Gas Winning will not be used to produce electricity, it will be used as feedstock for the chemical industry, primarily on Teesside.

Mr Bowens responded by questioning whether providing more resources just encourages the output of the chemical industry – ‘do we need that amount of fertiliser, for example?’ he said.

Mr Bowens also stressed that the renewable-energy and energy-efficiency sectors were viable industries that could continue to provide jobs across the region.

This was partly a response to Professor Younger’s emphasis on the economic benefits to the North East of Five-Quarter’s proposals.




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