David and Don lead the way

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THE first Northumberland Nursery League sheep dog trial was held near Seahouses on Saturday, by kind permission of Scott Smith.

Bobby Lyons, from Hawick, judged 15 dogs, running on good to manage crossbred hoggs.

Results: 1 David Baxter, (Harbottle) with Don, 95/100pts; 2 Paul Turnbull, (Rothbury), Roy, 89; 3 Scott Smith, (Seahouses), Nell, 88; 4 Emma Gray, (Elsdon), Len, 83; 5 Keith Preston, (Kirkwelpington), Hope, 72; 6 Colin Balmbro, (Wooler), Scott, 71.

Novice prize went to Marilyn Iley with Cap.

The next trial will be held on Sunday at Belford.

Ring 01668 214215 for more information.