Border Livestock, w/e October 17

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Border Livestock to weekending Friday, October 17, sold 141 prime cattle including 41 cows, 2,961 prime sheep including 391 cast ewes, 184 store cattle and 1,240 store and breeding sheep.

Aberdeen Angus cross steers from South Farm sold to 390p per kg to Well Hung & Tender, Berwick upon Tweed. Continental Cross Steers sold to 380p per kg with Limousin Cross Heifers to 386p per kg. Cull cows continue to sell well with heavy pure bred cows reaching £1,420.

Lamb trade continues at a similar level with the lighter type lambs easier to sell.

All classes of store lambs have been selling extremely well, often to regular buyers.

The store cattle demand is a similar situation with strong forward kinds selling to £1,200 per head.