Acklington Mart, June 26

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.

North East Livestock Sales sold 60 prime cattle including 7 cows and 1,539 sheep comprising 1,350 lambs and 199 ewes.


Another mixed show sold well to average 192p. More butcher types required. Sale topped with a smart Limousin heifer at 235.5p from Weetslade Farms.

Ang hfr 214.5p Warton, Lim hfrs 207.5p Startup, 206.5p Blagdon Burn, 205.5p (2), 204.5p Weetslade, Lim strs 228.5p Chibburn, 214.5p, 208.5p (2) Causey Park, 207.5p Blagdon Burn, Lim hfrs 1418, 1255, 1210 Weetslade, 1274 Blagdon Burn, Lim bulls 1155 (196.5p) Herds House.

Saler cows 956, 918 (143.5p, 127.5p) Hemscott Hill, Blue cow 832 (123.5p) Lucker.


Dearer to average £94 (222p).

Tex 116, 108 South Farm, 114, 112 Craster, 111 Old Deanham, 109 Thrunton, Suff 110 Causey Park, 109.50, 107 South Bellshill, Beltx 113.50 Nesbit, 107.50 Widdrington, Low Hall, Char x 106 Yetlington, 105.50 Lane End.

Beltx 244p, 233p, 232p Annsteads, 238p East Newham, 233p Howick Scar, 232p Howick Scar, Nesbit, Tex 233p Causey Park, 233p, 231p Boulmer Hall, 232p Low Hall, Watch Hill, 231p, 230p Lowsteads, Char 230p Ryal, South Farm.

Cast Ewes

Fewer forward averaging £83.

Tex 112 Hope House, 108 Low Hall, 100 Little Swinburne, Suff 104 Garden House, 100, 95 Brinkburn Newhouses, 95 Chevington Moor, Char 96 Field House, Black Face 76, 69 Abberwick, Mules 84 Whittle, 83 Bygate, 80 Blagdon Burn.