Acklington Mart, August 7

Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
Livestock prices at Acklington Mart.
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North East Livestock Sales sold 67 prime cattle and 2,404 sheep, comprising 1,970 lambs and 434 cast ewes.


BB hfrs: 1430 South Bellshill. Char.x str: 1417 West Bolton. Lim str: 1383, 1364 Widdrington, 1344 Make Me Rich. Sim.x str: 1306 Brotherwick. BB str: 1302 Brotherwick. Lim str: 1295 Eslington Park, 1270 Make Me Rich. AA.x hfr: 1271 Tuthill. Lim bulls: 1257 Herds House. SD bulls: 1221 Lumbylaw. BB hfr: 228.5p South Bellshill. AA.x hfr: 225.5p Tuthill. Lim hfr: 224.5p Make Me Rich, 219.5p Eslington Park, 213.5p Boulmer Hall. Char hfr: 214.5p Warton, 211.5p Tuthill. Lim str: 208.5p Eslington Park, 206.5p Widdrington. Lim bulls: 193.5p, 192.5p Herds House.


Char: 1039 (157.5p) Thrunton. Lim: 1030 (143.5p) Widdrington. Angus: 957 (131.5p) East Ditchburn, 968 (128.5p) Percy Farms.

LAMBS – A few more lean lambs but a sharp trade. Averages £75.50 (171p) SQQ 174p.

Tex: 92.50 South Bellshill, 90.50 East Link Hall, 89, 88 Brinkburn Newhouses, 88.50 Teviotdale, 88 Sandylands. Bel: 89.50 Pigdon, 89.50, 87 Corneyside, 88.50, 88 Annsteads. Suff.x: 89 East Trewick. Chev: 89, 88.50 East Ditchburn. Bel: 215p, 204p, 201p Annsteads, 202p Little Swinburne, 201p Watch Hill. Tex: 200p Herds House, 192p Stanton Hill Head, 197p Hemelspeth.

CAST EWES – Slightly dearer on the week.

Tex: 107 Thrunton, 90 Low Espley, Brinkburn Newhouses, Clarabad Mill, 87 Rugley, Chev 96 Glanton, 80 North Swinhoe. Suff.x: 90 Herds House, 88 Chevington Moor, 85 Low Espley, Vend: 90, 82 North Lyham. BDM: 81 Newham Hagg. Mule: 78 Alnham, 74 Clarabad Mill, 73 South Farm. BF: 58 Alnham, 57 West Hills.