Bus budget frozen for now

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A transport boss has said that the current bus service around Seahouses is as good as it has been for a while and people must use the buses if they want to keep them as they are.

Gary McBride, from the county council’s integrated transport unit was at Monday night’s meeting of the parish council and explained that his budget for subsidised bus services was £2.4million.

“Like everyone in the council, our budget has not increased and will not increase for the next couple of years and while that’s static, the cost of running bus services has gone up. Fuel costs have risen dramatically,” he said.

He also said that he had come to an agreement with Travelsure for them to drop a couple of services and replace it with the 418, which runs from Belford to Alnwick via Seahouses and the coast.

Anyone travelling from Seahouses into Alnwick may find it quicker to go to Belford on the 418 and connect to the new Arriva X15 service.