Bid to explore plans for mussel bed

collecting  mussels
collecting mussels

Investigations are taking place to see whether a mussel bed and lobster hatchery can be created in Amble.

The initiative would add to the town’s bid of establishing itself as the seafood town and could lead to job creation.

However, Julia Aston, from Amble Development Trust, said that plans are at a very early stage and a lot of evidence is needed to see if the scheme would be viable.

She told the Gazette: “If this was to go ahead, anything developed on the quayside would be small-scale, more of an artisan enterprise.

“However, we have had a feasibility study carried out into aquaculture and aquaponics looking at the options, opportunities and scale required to ensure viability if it is possible.

“If it is, then we need to collect the evidence, such as the quality of the water, to back up any finding applications.”

However, she believes that if the plans did come off, it would add to the town’s attractions, for both visitors and residents alike.

She said: “It would add to what we are trying to create, around Amble being the seafood town, and it would add to the visitor attraction.

“It would be there for the community as well because we would envisage jobs being created in the longer term.”

Julia said that water-quality surveys have been carried out in Amble before.

“This was done a few years ago, down at the Little Shore, but we didn’t get the water quality that we needed.

“However, mussels do still grow there and we know they are collected and eaten,” she said.