Beadnell WI, September meeting

Beadnell’s members, and two visitors, were welcomed to September’s meeting by Pat Brand who was standing in for president Lynne Angus while she was on holiday.

The evening began with a silent tribute to Joan Morton, one of our past presidents, who died on September 5. We also remembered another former member, Mary Kegg, who died recently in the USA. Both ladies had impressed us with their kind and gentle natures and they will be missed.

The summer season saw our 95th anniversary screen sojourning in St Ebba’s Church, where it could be enjoyed by parishioners and visitors.

Our fete, held on a beautiful day, raised £1,327. Pat thanked all of those who had worked so hard to make it a happy and profitable occasion and also the many visitors who supported us.

She also spoke of the setting up of a small steering group to tackle the groundwork required to cope with the structural problems of our hall.

Members were asked to hand out questionnaires to neighbours, who might have missed our drop-in session,and other users of the hall, to ascertain their future requirements of the building.

Our aim is to continue to be a responsive amenity for the whole community.

News of many interesting and exciting activities were outlined to members. Whether organised nationally, at local federation level or by our own members, there should be something to interest most people.

Darts and dominoes are already under way and we wish our teams well. Our popular upholstery class resumes at 2pm on Tuesday, with carpet bowls re-starting on October 7, at 1.30pm. Both of these activities are open to members of the public, so bring your friends along.

A very pleasant and successful outing of the luncheon club took place at the Craster Seafood Restaurant, while October will see us visiting the Victoria Hotel in Bamburgh.

On October 11, we are hosting an evening of pre-Christmas shopping, with wine and cheese.

Again this will be open to members of the public, with a special welcome to our Lindisfarne group members.

Chris Phillips gave us a fascinating insight into stick dressing.

We were intrigued by the use of different materials and the range of techniques employed in this ancient art.

He exhibited many of his own pieces, together with some from other countries.

We were full of admiration and questions.

He explained about the many different types of sticks and their users, and demonstrated the varied requirements of shepherds, ladies and posers, to mention but a few.

Entering sticks into competitions seemed to be as hazardous as venturing into a WI one - attention to every small detail is imperative!

It was a real privilege to look more closely at his work after the talk.

The raffle was won by one of our visitors, Ali from Hampshire, who promised to return next year.

Annette Manning took first place in the competition for a wooden object with a beautifully tactile small animal figure. Second was Denise Salisbury with an African tribal carving, followed by Angela Peereboom’s wooden tie which she wore afterwards to supper.

We now look forward to October, when we will meet two guide dogs and their human friends.