Beadnell Parish Council, January meeting

PCs Andy Harle and Stu Brimble were welcomed to the January meeting of Beadnell Parish Council.

PC Harle introduced himself and explained that he would be serving in the area for the next eight years and that it was his intention to be involved with and supportive of the community.

He reported on two crimes in the parish, one involving criminal damage and the other a theft from The Craster Arms.

The chairman outlined the purpose and process of the Neighbourhoold Plan.

He explained that in the next few months the community would be invited to meetings, drop-in sessions and asked for their views in questionnaires.

The parish council agreed to support the proposal for a Beadnell Heritage Trail.

A letter had been received from the chairman of Countylife Homes asking for dialogue with the parish council, on behalf of the community, on the sort of development that could take place on the Haven site and possibly come to some agreement on a proposal.

The chairman stated that the parish council aimed to be open and transparent in all its business and having a private meeting with a developer was against this principle.

The council considered it was not appropriate to enter into private discussions with Countylife on a proposal to develop the Haven site.

Notification had been received from Northumberland County Council about the future transfer of the village playground to the parish council in accordance with the Local Council Charter.

In the meantime, for the year 2014/15, the agency agreement with the county council for the playground would remain with the special expense payment being £1,172.85.

The budget for 2014/15 was agreed with the parish precept being set at £6,869, an increase of £50 on 2013/14.

The figure of £2,500 for repair of the church clock was removed from the suggested budget. It was agreed that Couns Martindale and Brunt would meet the church wardens to discuss the repairs required and look at funding options. Ownership of the clock was to be investigated.

There were no objections to an application for listed building consent to erect a satellite dish at Flat 4, Beadnell Hall.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 12, at 6.30pm in Beadnell Village Hall.