Battle rumbles on

A legal wrangle is ongoing in a bid to get an Alnwick alley reopened, but it will not be a quick process.

Bow Alley has been closed since July after concerns over the wall on the gable end of Oscar’s Bar. Part of the wall came down in October and the venue closed indefinitely.

Northumberland County Council put measures in place to stabilise the wall, but is now in talks with the owners of the building about a way forward.

Alnwick town and county Coun Gordon Castle, said: “This is not going to be resolved quickly. The county council is in a very difficult position. It carried out that work at the taxpayers’ expense to make the area safe. As I understand it the council is in discussions with the legal department and the owners of the building to come to some sort of system as to the way forward.

“It may involve the sale of the building or other financial situation. The council is doing everything it can but it will not happen quickly.”