Bamburgh WI, January meeting

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WARM WELCOME: The president of Bamburgh WI opened the meeting by welcoming two new members and WIA Julia Davidson. She said she very much regretted that the Christmas party had to be cancelled due to the ice and snow but that members would have a celebration lunch at the February meeting.

Members learnt that the programme for 2011/12 was almost complete with very interesting speakers booked for the monthly meetings.

As the WI monthly lunch club had proved so popular members were to be offered an opportunity to join three more WI clubs run on similar lines.

A gardening club with visits to gardens and the chance to exchange plants and seeds, also bulk buying of compost as a money saving purchase.

A theatre club with the opportunity to attend matinee performances in Alnwick, Berwick and Newcastle and a croquet club that would be able to use the Bamburgh croquet lawns on a Monday, interested members quickly signed up to join the club or clubs of their choice.

Members also heard that the Sandsculpture Challenge is to be held on Monday, June 20, the theme being ‘The Human Form.’ Jessica from NFWI London is once again promising to visit with photographer in tow to take a record of the day.

Peggy Wood from North Sunderland institute is once again willing to organise a coach to take members to the council meeting in Hexham and Bamburgh has made provisional bookings on this transport.

There could also be an opportunity to attend the Women reaching Women conference in Newcastle when Bamburgh would organise a mini bus to take interested members from Belford, North Sunderland/Seahouses and Beadnell.

The WIA then led an in-depth discussion on the 2011 resolutions and after listening to all the pros and cons for each proposal members made their vote. The result was a major vote for sustaining the library service.

Members were delighted to learn how the WI had influenced the decision of the European parliament on Country of origin labelling, last year’s resolution.

After all the business had been attended to the speaker Sandra Gann gave a wonderful and interesting account of her life as an almoner at St Bart’s hospital in London.

Her description of the history of the hospital was so interestingly vivid that members want to visit the site when they are next in the capital. More local to home, Sandra told us the locations of the Maison Dieus in north Northumberland proving how leprosy had been endemic in local communities. Bamburgh has a Leper’s well and a special window in the church that is reputed to be where leper’s could be offered the sacrament without having to enter the building.

The next meeting is on February 9, when members will have a late celebratory lunch.

We continue to welcome new members by inviting women to join us at a monthly meeting to try us out and discover what Bamburgh WI has to offer. They would be offered a very warm welcome.