Bamburgh WI, February meeting

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WINTER LUNCH: Bamburgh WI held a celebratory winter lunch, a replacement for the abandoned Christmas party, due to the snow and ice.

Members and the committee provided an excellent meal and the vases of daffodils decorating the tables gave us all a feeling that spring was not too far away.

This institute has a very busy future programme ahead as they are hosting several lunches for visiting institutes and the invitations for the sand sculpture challenge The Human Form have been sent to institutes who took part in previous years.

The newly-formed theatre group had its first outing top see the NTC performing Star Quality in Bamburgh Pavilion. The gardening group are to have a snowdrop walk visit to Howick and group members were warned to wear strong and waterproof footwear.

The WI representative on the community forum received strong support from members when it was suggested that they could help during winter’s snows by visiting neighbours who are housebound to make sure they are warm and comfortable. The institute is waiting to hear who will be managing the snow clearing team of volunteers. Six members will be attending the Federation Spring Council meeting in Hexham and a team has been selected for entry in the Federation Reading Aloud competition.

Once the business was over it was the turn of some members of the committee to entertain and in usual style they gave voice to poems and tall tales with double entendre meanings.

Noah had another failed attempt at producing an ark and dust if you must gave us an excuse to close our eyes to grime and just enjoy life, most of us did not need a second bidding.

Our next meeting on March 9, has us smacking our lips as chocolatier Louise Keeble will be coming, armed with tasters just in time for Easter, we were told to each invite a friend who is not a WI members and with such a tasty treat friends and acquaintances should be lining up to join us.