Appeal for support for new group for canine charity

Susan Fulton and poodle Esther
Susan Fulton and poodle Esther

A Lowick woman is appealing to communities in north Northumberland to support fund-raising and awareness events for Canine Partners.

Susan Fulton is backing a new Northumberland Support Group for the charity, which trains and provides assistance dogs for the disabled.

Canine Partners matched Susan – who has severe back problems – with an assistance dog last year.

“I was given a wonderful canine partner called Esther in May 2013 and she has completely changed my life,” said Susan. “When I applied to Canine Partners I had expectations, but Esther by far exceeds them.

“I thought she would pick up items when I drop them and I hoped she might help me get undressed so I can go to bed when I need to instead of depending on others, but she does so much more.”

Esther can bring Susan her telephone and medication if she needs them, and helps her to shop by taking things from the shelves and picking up her walking stick if she drops it.

Jenna Davidson, who works for Irwin Mitchell Solicitors in Newcastle, decided she wanted to support the charity, but discovered there was nothing set up in the area. She is now working to establish a Canine Partners Northumberland Support Group.

Susan said: “I’d like to encourage people to get in touch with Jenna so she can let them know when events are happening, and possibly to offer their help.”

To contact Jenna, call 0191 279 0098, or email jenna.david