Another defibrillator

The presentation of the defibrillator.
The presentation of the defibrillator.
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The Stephen Carey Fund wasdelighted to pay a visit to the home of Newcastle Falcons this week to carry out the latest handover of a defibrillator.

Scott and Dougie McEwan, were at Kingston Park to present a defibrillator to representatives of Border Park Rugby Club, which will be used to safeguard those using their facilities.

Border Park are based at Butteryhaugh, which is situated near Kielder and close to the Scottish border.

Given the remote location, no matter how ready and alert any ambulance crew is, this is exactly the type of remote area where a defibrillator could prove to be a vital piece of equipment should someone have a cardiac arrest.

This placement should soon be followed by public-access defibrillators within the communities of Falstone and Tarset and Greystead.

As reported in last week’s Gazette, this year’s Jam Jar Army beneficiary has been granted full charity status by the Charity Commission.

With 20 defibrillators installed and a possible 20 more to be installed within the next four months, the fund smashed its initial targets and has raised more than £65,000.