Announcement on A1 dualling would demonstrate commitment to Union, says MP

Sir Alan Beith MP.
Sir Alan Beith MP.

MP Sir Alan Beith raised the issue of dualling the A1 during a House of Commons debate on transport infrastructure yesterday.

Speaking in the debate, Sir Alan said: “Would it not be a good idea, just weeks before the referendum, to make it clear that we care about the link between the North East and Scotland? An announcement on dualling the A1 would be very helpful.”

Sir Alan and Julie Pörksen, who is bidding to be his successor, have also been taking part in meetings of the A1 North of Newcastle Feasibility Study recently.

Julie said: “There is a great deal of work going on to suggest we may see some progress on the A1, but what we need is a clear commitment that work will be done. The Mousen Bends and the Morpeth to Felton stretches have already had much of the preparatory work done and it would be really straightforward to get construction underway on these areas.”