Amble Town Council


A song about Amble has received praise from an overseas folk group, which wants to learn how to play and sing the piece.

Aeilko Muntenga, from Dutch-based Westerstörm, has been ‘charmed’ by Ambletown, also known as Home Deary Home.

The music fan is so taken by it, a request has been sent to Amble Town Council asking for the music.

In a letter to the council, Aeilko said: “I am looking for the notes so our director can make an arrangement and our musicians and singers know how to play and sing the song.”

Town council clerk Elaine Brown has put the choir in touch with Amble’s community choir, Harbour Lights, whose conductor is also a member of 20,000 voices, which promotes participation in singing in the region.

The song’s lyrics include: “Amble is a fine town with ships about the bay, It’s fain and very fain to be there myself today”, and “I’m going back to port, where I’ll quickly turn around, And take the fastest ship, which to Ambletown is bound.”


The town council has agreed to allocate £200 to allow an area close to the war memorial in the town square to be turfed and prepared, as part of Amble’s First World War commemorations.

The area, which will be around 35 square metres in size, will be created to allow people to place memorial crosses.

It has also been suggested to have a backdrop to the area, possibly containing honeysuckle.


Town councillors have objected to a suggestion of installing tasteful Christmas lights on the war memorial clock tower in the town square.

The request has come from the Amble’s Christmas lights committee.

The group wants to extend the displays around the town square.

As part of this, the committee has suggested adding a sensitive display to the war memorial clock tower, along the lines of a poppy or a dove, which the group said was in keeping with Remembrance for the war memorial.

Town council clerk Elaine Brown said she had contacted English Heritage and the War Memorials Trust about the issue.

The groups said that they didn’t recommend it and listed building consent would be needed.

While members welcomed the committee’s plans to extend the lights, they felt it wasn’t right to decorate the memorial clock tower.

Coun Jeff Watson said he was dead against it, while Coun Lewis added: “I don’t think it is appropriate. It is a listed building.”

Mayor Coun Craig Weir added: “It would be nice to know what their ideas are, other than the clock tower.”