Amble Parish Council

The Paddlers
The Paddlers

Outline proposals to dramatically improve an Amble leisure space, which has been criticised for its untidy appearance, have met with an encouraging response.

Initial ideas to overhaul The Paddlers area went on show to the public on Monday and were discussed at the town’s parish meeting later that day.

The space includes two disused paddling pools, but the vision is to transform it into a family-friendly, multi-purpose facility.

Proposed aspects for the new-look area include water-play, a fitness trail and a picnic and family area. The meeting heard that the scheme would cost at least £500,000 and funding would be targeted.

Peter Monaghan, of MCSquared Consult Ltd, said: “The brief was to find new uses for the paddling pools and make the area more family orientated and something that will appeal to the whole family.

“The paddling pool area could be replaced with some sort of waterplay, with fountains and other apparatus.

“This would get away from the problems that the paddling pools had, such as E.coli from stagnant water.

“There could also be a more sculptural area – something that slightly older children could use. There could also be an amphitheatre, picnic tables and a fitness trail.

“We’ve tried to create something which is low maintenance. In general, the people who have looked at the plans seem to be pleased with the outcome, especially residents who live nearby.”

The existing play area would be built into the plans.

Mr Monaghan added: “The feasibility study is just about complete. The next stage is to develop the proposal and try to find money to put this together. We are pretty confident that, looking at the funding available, we can achieve most of what is required.”