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Amble’s plans to commemorate the centenary of the First World War are progressing nicely.

On Saturday, August 2, there will be a special service, which will start at the West Cemetery and include commemorations at the Commonwealth graves.

The service will go onto the war memorial.

It is hoped that a First World War book which has been compiled will be released on the same day. A film has also been made.

○ Amble mayor Craig Weir said he was encouraged by the number of new cafes and shops which have opened in the town.

He added: “It shows that they are putting their faith in Amble. It shows they are aware that Amble is an up-and-coming place.”

○ Amble Business Club has re-formed, with a lot of new businesses represented.

The club, chaired by Ann Burke, meets every third Tuesday at 5.30pm in the Radcliffe Club. All businesses welcome.

Pressure on Tesco is set to continue

We will keep pushing – that is the message from Amble mayor Craig Weir, as frustration continues to build over Tesco’s stalled plans for a store in the town.

The supermarket giant has continually delayed the date for revised plans to go out for public consultation, since deciding to amend the scheme early last year.

At Monday’s meeting, Coun Weir said: “The date for public consultation has gone from spring 2013, to late 2013, to April 2014 and then that they are forthcoming. This has been going on and on and on. We will keep pushing this.”

Coun Peter Robinson claimed that Tesco has done this sort of thing ‘right through the country’ and feared that the store would harm the town-centre. But Amble Business Club chairman Ann Burke said that the business community welcomed Tesco.