Alnwick Centre WI, January meeting

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The January meeting of Alnwick Centre WI was held during an afternoon in the Costello Centre.

Sylvia Taylor, president, announced future events.

The 89th birthday party was organised, an invitation to Alnmouth’s Winter Warmer was read out as were thank-you letters from institutes who had attended the Christmas party.

The spring council meeting, to be held in April at Alnwick, was discussed.

Knitting patterns were distributed instructing members how to make jumpers for African babies.

Members then took part in a quiz compiled by Ann StClair and won by Dorothy Thompson and Joan Meuter.

After listening to an amusing poem members enjoyed a delicious tea prepared by the committee.

Dorothy Thompson gave a talk on The Way We Were. She has been a member of Alnwick WI since 1966.

In those days there was a membership of about 120, the committee sat in the front row wearing their best hats.

A very formal tea was served to the president, secretary and visiting speaker at a top table.

Dorothy spoke about outings, visits and involvement with the Alnwick community.

It was a trip down memory lane for several members and an interesting talk for all.

Scrapbooks were on show. Members enjoyed looking through these, seeing photos of friends now gone and themselves looking very young and glamorous.

The next meeting will be at 2pm on February 14 when Maureen Fortune will give a talk on Peru and the Galapagos Islands.