Alnwick Centre WI, January meeting

MEMBERS’ NIGHT: President Sylvia Taylor, welcomed members to the January meeting of Alnwick Centre WI, which was members’ night.

After the cancellations of the December meeting and the Christmas lunch, due to adverse weather conditions, everybody was pleased to meet again and lively chatter ensued.

Several items of business were discussed including arrangements for attending the spring council meeting in Hexham. The decision to enter the reading aloud competition and further details were given about our proposed birthday lunch in March.

Congratulations were given to our domino team who have reached the semi finals of the county competitions.

A buffet supper, courtesy of the committee, was enjoyed and then the entertainment commenced with two quizzes, complied by Sue Porteous and Anita Harvey, to tax the brain and encourage a sing-a-long with the shows.

Sheila Dyson followed with her interesting poetry readings, and an enjoyable evening concluded with Arabian dancing, demonstrated by Sylvia Taylor who was ultimately joined by recruits from the audience.

The development of surnames was the topic at the February meeting, when the president introduced Linda Lytollis who approached her very interesting subject in a humorous and friendly manner, aided visually by a laptop projector.

Delving into history, to Anglo Saxon and Norma times, she explained how names evolved, generally linked to occupations, places and topography, or were patronyms.

Linda also investigated the origins of several surnames which had previously been supplied by members and Sheila Dyson thanked her for the time-consuming research involved to produce the data, and to have created a thought-provoking evening for members.