Alnwick and District Camera Club

Alnwick and District Camera Club’s latest meeting featured presentations by club members Jean Findlay and Valerie Atkinson.

Jean has had a camera since childhood, using her photographs primarily as a memory bank, although in more recent years she has created photobooks and audio visual presentations and has successfully entered pictures in camera club competitions.

Having spent her childhood in Kenya, she returned there in the 1970s and joined fellow members of the Mountain Club of Kenya in exploring some of the more remote regions of the country.

Her wonderful colour slides included not only some spectacular mountain landscapes but also pictures of the wide range of country that she travelled through and the people and wildlife that she encountered along the way.

Jean completed her presentation with a short but exquisite audio visual record of a snowy day in Eglingham.

Valerie on the other hand did not show great interest in photography until she moved from Switzerland to India in 2007.

Moving into a flat on the outskirts of the city of Mumbai in the monsoon season with little in the way of view but a building site, Valerie’s first impressions of the country left much to be desired.

However, once she began to explore her surroundings, she realised that she needed a camera to record the unique and vibrant atmosphere of this teeming metropolis.

Valerie’s wonderful photographs prove that she is a natural photographer with a gift for capturing every aspect of life around her, from the squalid to the beautiful.

Her fascinating images of street markets and street food, auto rickshaws, traffic jams, festivals, cricket matches, characterful people and colourful clothing created a memorable impression.

To complete a fine evening’s entertainment, John Thompson showed a gallery of two contrasting sequences of monochrome prints, some made from lantern slides of scenes in the Balkans taken around 1914, while an experimental series of close ups of musicians and their instruments were taken at this year’s Alnwick Music Festival.