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Alnwick and District Camera Club’s latest visiting speaker was Stephen Byard, an award-winning landscape photographer based in North Yorkshire. The title of his talk, Before and After, covered a wide range of technical and artistic aspects of photography.

Stephen started by extolling the virtues of shift lenses for creating panoramic landscape pictures and also demonstrated how these lenses can be used to create pictures with an amazing depth of field. Later in his talk, Stephen also showed the impressive quality of images that can be obtained using large format film cameras.

However, such specialist gear requires a considerable financial outlay and Stephen was quick to acknowledge that good pictures can be taken with much more modest equipment.

He demonstrated this by showing a fine set of images taken with an affordable compact digital camera.

Stephen also showed a series of before and after pictures where he had digitally manipulated the original to produce the picture he wished to make.

Along the way, Stephen provided a wealth of information and ideas for photographers of all levels of expertise.

He emphasized how valuable it is to visit the same locality several times, showing pictures taken at different times of day and in different seasons. Many of his pictures were of the coast and here he showed contrasting images taken at low and high tide.

Stephen also advised new photographers to look around them and not become too focussed on the obvious when taking their pictures.

There are pictures everywhere, he said, and the outstanding range of images that he displayed during the course of the evening was ample proof of this.