Alnmouth WI

WHEY AYE WI: As this is the final meeting in our WI year, as well as welcoming our members on this ‘back to the winter’ evening, Pam included Joanne Patrick of Whey Aye WI who in her capacity as WI Adviser, would later take over our meeting to conduct the ballot of both new committee members and president.

Before starting the annual meeting, Pam quickly went through the ordinary business, beginning with the reading and approval of last month’s minutes, matters arising, mentioning that in our endeavours to help the NTC, The Stage Magazine, which covers the entertainment industry, had been in contact asking permission to quote from her letter to the Culture Secretary and also requesting an interview.

It’s amazing how things are picked up from our local press, the Gazette, hopefully it might stir up something more than interest in the powers-that-be.

After quickly covering various outings and events that are coming up, after the formalities necessary to start the annual meeting, we, the present committee, including the president, stood down and Joanne took over.

Names of candidates for the new committee had already been taken and posted on a list for the members to consider, some committee members were willing to stay on and there were three new recruits.

Joanne gave every member a slip of paper to vote for their choice as president (all very democratic) and after the collecting and counting of votes our new president, Haley Hackett was chosen.

So we now have a new person at the helm, which we are delighted about as we are sure she will bring both new ideas and vitality to our WI, as will our new treasurer and secretary, Sue Ellis and Yvonne Farmer, respectively. The rest of the various roles will be discussed at our first committee meeting in May.

Pam thanked the committee for their support and enthusiasm during her time in office and wished Haley well in her role as president.

The meeting closed after a delicious traditional WI pooled supper, which we were more than ready for and our birthday girl this month, was our retiring president, Pam Muggleton.