A mesmerising play with tears, laughter and poignant acting

Review of Found by DCHS pupil Annie Davison

When Mark finds a strange, smartly-dressed, silent man washed up on a beach, he takes him home. But he has no idea that his help would be the catalyst for a number of life-changing events.

Gritty and down to earth with laugh-out-loud one-liners Found displayed poignant acting, directing and writing that excelled my expectations by tackling difficult issues yet making it accessible for all.

Luke Adamson, of Black Coffee Theatre Company, has certainly created a masterpiece. His script was mesmerising, infectious and engaging and allows for captivating and humorous realist performances across the board within the cast.

Jack Harding excellently portrayed Mark as the typical nice guy. He made the audience empathise and drew them in to the extreme circumstances of the plot as if they were everyday. A very watchable and entertaining performance, he kept me captivated for the entirety.

Lizzie Hope, as Marks girlfriend Kate, was undeniably sexy and as the antagonist, Lizzie masterfully manipulated the audience to despise her character.

Will Croft, who played the mute, had the nigh-on impossible task of telling a story, a relatively complex one with twists and turns, without speaking. He made the audience fall under his spell and be taken in by his confused yet endearing expressions.

Robert Saunders stole the show with his hilarious yet touching rendition of Brian, Mark’s neighbour.

Maria Crocker who directed (and produced and edited and also played the part of Hayley) did a fantastic job of treading the fine line between comedy and tragedy.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend Found and Black Coffee Theatre productions to anyone.