A busy summer

Alnmouth Fun Day in 2013.
Alnmouth Fun Day in 2013.

The months ahead are both busy and exciting for the 2014 Jam Jar Army winners as The Stephen Carey Fund rapidly moves from event to event this summer.

This weekend sees them involved in the Druridge Bay 10k where they are taking on marshalling duties, while the beginning of June may well see provision of a few more defibrillators within the region as discussions progress.

This will lead nicely into the end of the month and the Rothbury Vintage event which takes place on Sunday, June 29.

With the combination of both events hopefully raising in excess of £15,000, July and August are set up to be busy months comprising of installations and familiarisation training sessions.

The end of July, Saturday, 26, sees the second Alnmouth Fun Day taking place – last year they raised funds to install a public-access defibrillator at Hipsburn and this year they are looking to repeat their success this time for the benefit of Alnmouth.

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