A bad year for lurchers

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Carrying on with what has quite simply been the year for abused and neglected lurchers, this past week has seen another sorry state land on this year’s Jam Jar Army charity SHAK’s doorstep.

They believe Maisie to only be about two and you can see already that she has had at least one litter of puppies.

Steve Wylie, from SHAK, said: “Her weight is painfully low, her claws look like she has never been walked.

“Let’s face it, there is simply no need for a dog to end up in this state.

“To the people of Northumberland, this dog came (as have so many others) from our collective doorstep and we desperately need your help to stop this crime against defenceless creatures.

“In the meantime, we continue to need your support to allow us to be there for dogs such as Maisie when they are no longer wanted or deemed useful.”

And so far, the support of the north Northumberland community for SHAK during its run as the Army beneficiary has brought in £7, 509.11.

Plus another £755 was raised through an Evening with North East footballing legend Joe Allon, held inAlnwick on Saturday night.

“It was areally good night and everybody that was there was really supportive,” said Steve.

He thanked Alnwick Town FC for hosting the event, Trotters for the catering and, of course, Joe, who gave up his time and fee for the event.