£40k for machine injury

A man whose dominant hand was deformed, after it was caught in a machine used to roll aluminium sheeting into shape, has been given £40,000 in compensation.

Robert Gibbons, from Wallsend, was using a Flat Bar Pyramid Rolls machine, while working at Alnmaritec, when it was based in Alnwick.

The machine is meant to stop when a foot pedal is released, but on the day of his accident, when Mr Gibbons took his foot off the pedal and reached to straighten the aluminium sheet, a fault meant the machine failed to stop and his right hand was dragged inside.

Mr Gibbons fractured both his right index finger and his right little finger and has been left with a permanent deformity and a 20 per cent loss of overall hand function.

Mr Gibbons, who employed Thompsons Solicitors to look at his case, said: “I have effectively been left with three working fingers and one thumb on my right hand. My little finger is just skin and bone with no tissue. It was a really horrible accident, but Thompsons did a very good job to secure me a fair level of compensation.”

Trevor Hall, from Thompsons Solicitors, said: “This traumatic accident sends a message out to all employers and their workforces; faulty work equipment can cause serious injuries, basic maintenance is a must not an option.”