Search for family of First World War veteran continues

The grave of Private George Laidler.
The grave of Private George Laidler.

The hunt for relatives of a First World War veteran, who had family ties to north Northumberland, is continuing this year – the centenary of the start of the conflict.

Private George Laidler, of the 11th (Prince Albert’s Own) Hussars, 1st Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, was killed in action on Monday, March 25, 1918, at the age of 33.

His family have or had ties locally to Alnwick, Belford, Seahouses, Beal, Blyth, Byker and Cowpen.

George was born in 1885 in Alnwick, but by 1891, the family (minus his father Adam who had died a year earlier) was living in Cowpen Quay.

In 1909, the family was living at Seahouses where George was employed as a general labourer.

It is believed that he enlisted in Newcastle at the outbreak of war into the 11th Hussars, who were stationed in Aldershot where George trained with the 12th Reserve Cavalry Training Regiment.

After more than three years of action, 1918 saw the 11th Hussars back on the Somme. After a major German push, the regiment was pulled back across the river to hold the line at Hamel to block the German advance on Amiens.

It was during this action that George was killed, one of the 112 casulties suffered by the 11th Hussars. He is is buried at the Serre Road Cemetery, Somme.