NOSTALGIA: Looking back 10, 25, 50 years ago (published Gazette Thursday, December 17, 2015)

Take a look at the stories yesteryear when residents started to raise concern over parking at Alnmouth Station, the oldest living professional footballer celebrated his 100th birthday and Rennington residents wanted more houses to be built.

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

Residents living near to Alnmouth Station are fed up with cars clogging up their streets.

People living in Curly Lane and South View, Hipsburn, say commuters and other rail passengers are parking in front of their homes because their is no room in the station car park.

They say they are denying them a space outside their houses, the bus has problems getting through because of the congestion, and there are fears there will be an accident.

A Curly Lane resident said: “It used to be fine but now when I come back from Morrisons with bags of shopping you can’t get parked anywhere near my house.”

Shaun Gaines, who lives in South View, with his wife Maxine and two sons, said: “Sometimes you can’t get parked outside your own house because it is so busy.”

“It’s an inconvenience.”

Thursday, December 20th, 1990

The oldest living professional footballer celebrated his 100th year this week with a glass of sherry and a smoke of his favourite pipe.

Billy Luke, of Middleton Street, Amble, even had his special day marked by a appearance on television with the help of his birthday present.

Billy, who played for the invincible Preston North End between 1912 and 1913, was able to sit down and watch his celebrations on Sky News after being given a satellite dish for his birthday. His claim to fame in the football world came when he scored the goal which earned Preston promotion from Division Two at the end of the 1913 season against another once-great side, Burnley.

After moving to Amble as a teenager Billy began to play for Bedlington United before Preston became interested.

Friday, December 17th, 1965

Rennington (pop. 120) would like to see council houses built in the village. So far none have been built there but the villagers feel there is a need for residential accommodation.

The parish council approached Alnwick Rural Council but its suggestion has been turned down on the grounds of economy.

“Because of the cost of other council house estates in our area we are unable to consider similar proposals for Rennington,” the parish council was told in a letter from the Rural Council read at Wednesday night’s meeting.

The parish council is to pursue its request, and it was stated that a builder had shown interest in the matter.

Mr RWT Thorp (clerk) reported that planning permission had been refused for the proposed erection of a mobile hut in Stamford.