Lilies paint a beautiful picture

Container grown lilies have been so successful for us that the number around this garden has increased year-on-year. We’d previously cultivated them in the border where they proved hardy so there was no need for lifting and storage of the scaled bulbs as winter approached.

This prompted us to try Stargazer, one of the highly-scented cultivars, in a pot, and it worked well. Lovely Girl and Muscadet have also become firm favourites.

Two years ago, there was what we termed ‘an artistic group’ of lilies advertised in the national press. It comprised Picasso, Monet and Cezanne (pictured above), and claimed they were tree lilies, but in the first year they barely reached knee height. This time it’s different. All three have grown to eye-level but only Cezanne has managed an acceptable floral display. Must contact friend John who bought the same collection to find how his are doing.